why hello there.

i am a seattle-based photographer who grew up with the red dirt of the south on my feet but has lived in the northwest since middle school. i left for five years to major in photography at washington university in st. louis, study abroad in australia, and take some time off in between to live and work and play in new york city.

happily settled in seattle, i have been a portrait photographer since 2009, photographing a lot of families, weddings, interiors, headshots, etc, as well as documenting my travels whenever i can sneak away. and i am always happy to bring together my two loves and travel for any photographic needs wherever they may take me.

not at all limited to photography, i also write {current blog is here}, paint {always accepting new commissions}, act, produce plays, and dream up new colors whenever possible. i am fascinated by the emphera of life, the fleeting, and the intangible, and my personal work tends to explore the places in which they intersect.

however, the overall through-line of my life involves connecting with people in whatever way i can – whether it's through a camera lens, a cup of tea, or going out and seeing an amazing band or new movie.

so now that you know a little about me, who are you?